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Just like people, Oysters adopt the characteristics of their surroundings. The better fed are fatter, Sea grown are saltier and the more hardship they endure the stronger shell they develop.

Our Irish Rock Oysters are grown in bags in trestles which are placed on the shore where they are accessed at low tide. These trestles keep the oysters above the seabed and provide the perfect environment for the oysters to feed as the tide brings in the natural nutritious food supply of plankton from the Atlantic Ocean.

These baby oysters are placed in mesh bags and tumbled often to encourage a deeper rather than longer cup. it takes three years of careful and consistent handling to create the perfect tear shaped oyster. During this period, we gently tumble, grade and split to prevent overcrowding in the mesh bags.

Our oysters are cultivated on the sandflats off the Cromane peninsula and thrive in the algae rich waters of Castlemaine harbor. This estuary is surrounded by Irelands highest mountains and fed by the nutrient rich waters of the Maine, Laune and Caragh rivers. This mixing of saline and fresh water creates a unique ecosystem perfectly suited to the farming of oysters.

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